Call-out for participants: The Richter Scale, 2015

Do you or someone you know experience body tremors?

The Richter Scale
The Richter Scale is an artwork I am currently researching which draws on the parallels between the large-scale movements of the earth and the comparatively small movements of the human body. I want to explore this by presenting a video and photographs of a person who is experiencing visible tremors alongside a modified seismograph – a scientific instrument used for measuring the tremors of the earth.

Recruiting a Model
I am looking for a model (any age, gender and fully clothed) for both still and moving image capture who experiences body tremors, such as those caused by Parkinson's Disease or other disorders of the nervous system. The person only needs to sit in a chair or stand. This can be carried out in either a professional studio, a home or another space where you feel comfortable, such as a community hall or meeting room. You are also welcome to bring along a friend or family member if you would like.

Next Steps and Hourly Rate
All of my work is created with the utmost respect for participants. The first step would be meeting with you for an informal chat to explain the project and discuss any questions you may have. Models will be paid AU$32 p/hour for their time in line with the Life Models Society recommended hourly rate.

If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact me on: catherine.rose.evans[at] or (+49) 176 73 94 74 30. Thank you for your time!