Unintended (Refrains:) exhibition catalogue, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne, 2015

Happy to receive a copy of the Unintended (Refrains:) exhibition catalogue (held at the George Paton Gallery, Melbourne, 16-25 September 2015). The catalogue collates 16 artist interviews with curator, Sandra Bridie, in an attempt to find those motifs that keep recurring in their creative practice.

The catalogue is available in hardcopy from the George Paton Gallery archives, or you can download a digital copy here.

Artists: Catherine Evans, Raafat Ishak, Amanda Johnson, Angela Bailey, Sallie Muirden, Penelope Davis, Dena Kahan, James Morrison, Cynthia Troup, Sandra Bridie, Sophie Knezic, Martina Copley, Aaron Christopher Rees, Caitlin Cummane, Olivia Koh and Andrew Seward.